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For all Adobe licensed software products – including Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and others – Adobe has decided to require what they refer to as "Named User" licensing, meaning that every Adobe product will require you to sign-in with your OSU account, or "Enterprise ID."

This guide will outline the steps necessary to install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop for Mac, and how to manage Adobe applications licensed through OSU. (This is also possible on Windows, but may require the assistance of IT support – let us know at

Note that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (not "Pro") and Adobe Flash come pre-installed on department Macs. If you don't need more than those two software packages, then the following is unnecessary.

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop

Open Self Service, with Spotlight, Launchpad, or located at Applications > Self

Click Install and wait for the process to complete.

Once Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop is installed, you should see its icon in your Mac's menu bar, in the upper-right of the screen.

Click the icon and it will bring up the Adobe Creative Cloud login screen. Don't sign-in right away – below, where it says "Want to use your company or school account?", click Sign in with an Enterprise ID. On the next screen, enter only your OSU e-mail address, and then click "Sign in with an Enterprise ID."

Next, you will see the familiar OSU account login screen. Proceed as normal, including authorization with your BuckeyePass Duo authentication method.

Once you're logged-in, Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop will begin to update itself. You can now install the Adobe applications you want. Click the menu bar icon again if the window isn't open, and go to Apps. Click Install next to your desired app and wait for it to complete. If all goes well, you're done!

Note that if you attempt to install new Adobe software, during or prior to the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app updating itself, you may experience a delay or receive an error message. If this happens, just wait a bit and try again. Make note of the update status, as indicated in the screen shots below:


Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop software can be used by all faculty, staff, and employed graduate student accounts for up to 2 installs per person, and can be used on personal devices as well as OSU devices. The app itself can be acquired here for personal installs (this will not work by default on OSU devices). Installs subsequent to the 2 limit will require and prompt you to deauthorize other devices on which you have installed Adobe software.

The ACCD app has a function called "Creative Cloud Sync" that automatically syncs files under a new user folder of the same name, from your computer to Adobe's servers. To disable this feature, click the ACCD app icon in the menu bar, then click the three-dot menu in the upper-right, and choose Preferences. Under Preferences, select the Creative Cloud tab, then the Files tab, and uncheck the "Creative Cloud Sync" box. This will disable the file sync feature for that given device.

Logging out of ACCD will deauthorize that device and deactivate all Adobe software that was installed using the app. To log out, click the menu bar app icon, then click the randomly generated user icon next to the three-dot menu in the upper-right, and select Sign Out. You can also view your Adobe Account details here by clicking Manage Account. If you want to remove all Adobe Creative Cloud software from your system, please see ASCTech support staff for assistance.


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