Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

What is happening with Adobe products?

The Ohio State University has a new license for Adobe Acrobat DC and Creative Cloud (Photoshop, etc.). Note: iPad Acrobat is just reader and does not consume a license.

The new license requires removal of the old serial number and logging in with the OSU

  • Instead of licensing the computer, each faculty, staff, or employed grad student gets two installs.
    • Use your OSU to sign in. Due to the Adobe Creative Cloud storage, the sign in requires Duo.
    • The installs can be on OSU owned or personal machines.
    • More than two installs are allowed, but you will be prompted to to 'de-authorize' one of the other machines.
      • The app will log you out of a machine, next time you log into it you'll just need to log in again. It's as quick as any OSU login.
    • Undergrads, including student workers, are not included in this license.
      • There will be a lab license for students to use in teaching labs rolling out in Summer 2019.
    • A fellowship student is not considered employed.
  • Adobe Desktop allows installed of any licensed Adobe Products on demand and automatically updates Adobe software.
  • Each user gets 100GB of Adobe Creative Cloud storage; however using Box is recommended as storage is unlimited and files can be saves to unit level Box shares.
  • Machines with many users - lab computers, undergrad workers - will get a new serial number and the function will not change nor require log in.
    • OSU's license requires that individual machines use the to log in, as we have a limited number of lab serial numbers.

If you had a personal account attached to your, the login will allow you to chose which account to use. Select "Enterprise ID" to use the new license.

How to get the new license:

The easiest way is to install the Adobe Desktop application from Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Macintosh).

On Macintosh, launch Self Service (Block O in Applications), and in Featured, install Adobat Acrobat & Creative Cloud 2018.

On Windows, launch Software Center (search from the start menu), and in Applications, install Adobe Acrobat DC CC2019.

These packages will strip out the serialized version of your Adobe apps and replace them with the new Adobe CC license.

In each software repository there is also a deserializer application, this will remove the existing serial numbers and force you to log in. The desktop app won't be installed so the above installs are preferred.

If you are not receiving expiration messages you can allow the serialized versions of your Adobe apps to be replaced through our routine Software Center/JAMF software update process.

A note for Instructors:

Student computer labs will continue to use serialized licenses to provide student access to these products until Summer 2019 when a login version will be installed.

A note for Student Employee Supervisors:

Graduate Administrative Assistants (GAA), Graduate Research Associates (GRA) and Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) will use the login versions.

Administrative student employees are not covered under this license, but OSU is looking at coverage in the future.

Problems with the installer? Cannot access Self Service / Software Center?

Please download the ZIP file from the following Box folder:

The Macintosh and Windows deserializer applications are both included, however, they require administrative rights and are not as simple as the self service options.

We will be happy to check your access to our administrative consoles.

Need to Run an Older Version for Compatibility?

Install old versions of Creative Cloud apps with CC Desktop:

  1. Open Creative Cloud desktop (infinity symbol).
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Scroll to the App you want.
  4. Click the small down arrow.
  5. Select Manage -> Other Versions.
  6. Pick the version you need for compatibility.
  7. There will be an arrow to the left of the product, select it for a drop down of all versions you have installed.
  8. Click on desired version to launch.


If you still have issues please contact ASCTech.


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