Adding Users to FileVault Access (aka Mac Login)

Many Mac computers in small labs/shared spaces, such a graduate student offices, are encrypted with FileVault, which limits who can and cannot log into the computer. This is done to make the computer safe for storage of restricted data, such as research. To get access to FileVault, contact the coordinator for the lab/office, as all coordinators should have the proper administrative rights to add users as they see fit. If a coordinator is lacking these privileges, please contact ASCTech to have their rights elevated. Follow the steps below to enable a user:

  1. Log into the computer with an account already enabled in FileVault (coordinators should already be enabled). From the Apple dropdown in the top left-hand corner, choose “Log Out”. Then have the user needing access log into the Mac with their OSU username and password.
  2. Once logged in, click the Apple in the top right-hand corner and choose “System Preferences”. From the System Preferences menu, click “Security and Privacy”.
  3. Click the FileVault tab toward the top of the menu box. There should be a message that says “FileVault has been turned on for the disk ‘Macintosh HD’”, along with one that says “Some users are not able to unlock the disk”. An “Enable Users…” button will appear to the right of this message. First, click the gold lock in the lower left corner and sign in with any profile that has administrative rights to unlock. Then click “Enable Users…"

  4. From the list of accounts, choose the account that needs to be enabled, and click “Enable User…” When prompted for a password, type in the OSU password for the account that is being enabled. NOTE: At this point, more than one account can be enabled, so long as the profile appears on the list, and the user is present to type in their password. When done, click the lock again to prevent further changes. NOTE: In this example, the user being enabled is an admin as well. Being an admin does not automatically grant FileVault access; access still needs to be granted by the computer’s custodian. Once enabled, a green circle with a white checkmark will appear next to the user’s name.

  5. Restart the computer to verify that the user now has the ability to sign into the Mac.


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