How do I add faculty/staff email to my Android device?

When adding an email to any mobile device, the first thing you need to do is make sure ActiveSync is enabled. If you have had email set up on a mobile device before, ActiveSync should already be enabled. If it's not, you can request for 8Help to enable it through their self service page, or you can just call and ask them to do it. If you work for ASCTech and are assisting a customer, it may be easiest to call because otherwise it might take a couple of days. After ActiveSync is enabled, you can visit one of the buckeyebars located at Thompson Library or Tech Hub for assistance setting up your account.  Here are instructions for setting it up yourself as well:

go to the gmail app and from the drop down choose Add account. You can also go to settings and under Accounts, tap add account.



When you are prompted for an account type, choose whichever option from the list applies.  You might see Exchange, Corporate, Office365, or ActiveSyncEmail.  Technically its an office365 account but any of these options should allow you to enter the correct account/server settings to setup the account. 


Next, enter your full email address ( and hit the Next arrow to continue.

Then enter your password. Leave "Client Certificate" as None. 

This next part can vary. The username is almost always going to be your and the server is  Also check that the port and security type match the image below although those settings should auto-populate. 


When the device asks you for remote security administration, hit OK.

After it asks for remote security administration, it will ask what content you want synced (typically all the defaults are fine). If you don't use your calendar, contacts, etc., you can uncheck what you don't want. When the device asks you to activate the device administrator, activate it. I have had customers who are concerned about what the device is asking, so I always explain that it's asking for permissions to perform certain actions. For example, if someone loses their mobile device, that person then has the ability to log in to OWA via and completely wipe the device. At this point, you might also be asked to set a PIN, password, or pattern on the device because one of those three things is required in order for OSU email to be synced to the device. I already had a pattern set, so I didn't get prompted to create one. At the end, it will ask you to name the account. I usually just make it the email address to avoid confusion with other accounts.

To sum up, this is the information you need to put in the device:

Account Type: Corporate/Exchange/ActiveSyncEmail/Office365


Password: User's password




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