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Academic Tech Consultation

ASCTech's Academic Technology team is available to provide training and support across a wide variety of software and hardware tools.

Accessibility Review (Software)

Submit a software program for assessment of accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Administrative Access

Admin access to devices or services.

Administrative Applications

Custom applications designed to support the administrative needs of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Anonymous FTP

This is for public data drops and transfer, when other services are not viable.


Symantec Endpoint Protection provides antivirus and antimalware protection on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

ASC Account Request

Request an account to access ASC resources.

ASC Website Hosting Service (

The ASC Website Hosting Service, also known as WWW or Tri-Dub, is for those users who need to create and publish HTML and PHP directly.

Audio Recording in Studio

Recording and producing audio in the ASCTech studio.

Audio Recording on Location

Recording audio OUTSIDE the ASCTech studio.


Borrow Multimedia Equipment

Borrowing recording equipment for academic use.



Consultation, training, and support for all Carmen-related instruction, research, and outreach-related activities in Arts and Sciences.


Assistance with CarmenZoom, a browser-based internet tool that allows people to participate in a course or meeting without having to travel to a specific location.

Classroom/Conference Room Support

A/V and computer support within classrooms and conference rooms owned by the College of Arts & Sciences.

CLLC Service Request

Requests for assistance in Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CLLC) locations.

Code42 (formerly CrashPlan)

Code42 is a backup service for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Course Syllabi Review

Academic Tech Team reviews the syllabi for your course.

Crestron Fusion

Allows for room scheduling panels and collection of data on usage of projectors, conference rooms, and other audio/visual components.

Custom Websites

Custom websites designed to meet the research needs of our distinguished researchers and faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences.


Deploy Standalone Research Server

Purchase standalone equipment to be housed at the SOCC or HH472.

Digital Signage

Request a sign or help with an existing sign

Disaster Recovery Storage

The disaster recovery storage service provides reliable network storage that can be used for disaster recovery purposes by departmental IT groups within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Distance Learning

Help with online classes and distance learning.


Education Management Application Development

Software designed to support the academic mission of the College of Arts & Sciences

Electronic Documentation Management

Redevelop and streamline inefficient business processes, digitize paper records and set retention triggers, and secure electronic documents.

Email and Calendars

Usage of UES, calendar sharing, group calendars, and room calendars.



Service of existing Filemaker databases.

Funded Research Projects

Custom applications designed to support the administrative needs of the College of Arts & Sciences.


General Research Consultation and Special Projects

Allows support of research outside bounds of fixed services.


Graduate student lifecycle management application.

Grant Writing Assistance

Assistance with applying for teaching and learning grants.


Hardware for Loan

Hardware for short or long-term loan.
If requesting Multimedia Hardware use this service: .

Hardware Purchase Consultation

Hardware purchasing and recommendations.

Hardware Repair

Troubleshooting and repair of ASC-owned IT assets.


Instructional Design Consultation

Instructional design consultation and developing materials for courses taught within the College of Arts & Sciences.

iPad Loaner Program

Checkout of iPads for various curricular needs.

IT Facility Changes and Key Management

IT facility planning and design consultation, physical access, and security solutions.

IT Logistics Consultation

Planning and implementing the effective flow of human resources and related IT-services from the point of origin to the point of consumption by technology end users.



Mediasite assists with lecture capture and publishing the recording to the web.

Mobile Application Development and Consultation

Mobile applications designed to support the academic mission of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Mobile Device Support

Assistance with mobile devices.

Multimedia Services

Includes video and audio editing, image processing, streaming audio broadcasting, screen capture, and more.



Opic Application.



Photo of you that is suitable to use as a professional portrait. We can also meet the specifications for a United States passport photo.

Pivotal Tracker

Project management tool used in the development cycle.


Support of ASC-owned printers.


Qualtrics Survey Data Collection

Qualtrics surveying software allows for the creation of in-depth surveys and collection of survey data.



Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows a user to take control of a remote computer or virtual machine over a secure network connection.

Remote Defense of a Dissertation Support

Consultation, training, and support for Master’s and Doctoral remote defense of dissertations.

Request Help

Don't see what you need? Submit a request and we'll get it to the right place.

Research Data Management

Help find or develop solutions at every step of research data lifecycle.

Research Environment Characterization

Informs RCS and thus ASCTech about research groups’ needs, acquaints research groups with ASCTech services, and enables RCS to advocate on behalf of researchers.

Research Storage

Provides dedicated network storage for research data.

Room Design

ASCTech provides consultation and IT support for design projects in classrooms and other learning environments and collaborative spaces.


Security Incident Management

Assistance with security incidents, such as stolen/lost computers, infected machines, etc.

Self Service Software (SCCM and JAMF)

Request software right from your computer.

Shared and Private Network Drives

Request access to an existing shared drive or creation of a new shared drive.

Skype for Business

Assistance in Skype for Business, OSU's phone and messaging service.

Software Purchase Consultation

Request software not found in Self Service or Software Center.

Software Support

ASCTech will assist with installing software and any software issues.

Solstice Pod

Solstice Pod is a wireless gateway solution that allows for wireless streaming of content to displays from laptops and mobile devices.

SSH Jump Host Access

Request access to ASC's SSH jump host.

Standard Theme Analytics Access and Reports

Get access to Google Analytics account and reports for ASC Standard Theme Website built on the Content Management System (CMS), Drupal.

Standard Theme New Website Request

Request a new ASC Standard Theme Website built on the Content Management System (CMS), Drupal.

Standard Theme Training Signup

Training signup for ASC Standard Theme Websites built on the Content Management System (CMS), Drupal.

Standard Theme Website Support

Fix issues and answer questions about the ASC Standard Theme Website built on the Content Management System (CMS), Drupal.

Strategic Advice on Research Computing, Storage, Networking, and Software

Provides guidance on routine as well as unique needs related to research computing, storage, networking, and software.

Student Developer Program

Empowering students, establishing best practices, and providing real world experiences.



Three and Green by 2018

Top Hat

Polling software allowing in-class, real-time polling.


U.OSU Consultation

Support in creating and editing a U.OSU.EDU website.

Unity Cluster Exclusive Compute

Unity is a compute cluster providing researchers with computational resources. Exclusive clusters don't share with guests.

Unity Cluster Guest Computer

Unity is a compute cluster providing researchers with computational resources.

Unity Cluster Shared Compute

Unity is a compute cluster providing researchers with computational resources. Shared clusters share unused cycles with guests.

Unity User and Application Support

Provide Tier 1 support to new and established Unity users.


Video Recording in Studio

Recording and producing video within the ASCTech studio.

Video Recording on Location

Recording video OUTSIDE the ASCTech studio.


Help planning a videoconferencing session.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure, encrypted connection, which can be thought of as a tunnel, between your computer and resources within your network security perimeter.

VR Field Trips

VR Field Trips aim to integrate Virtual Reality experiences into the curriculum in a way that will provide an immersive educational experience for students and instructors alike.



ASCTech provides on-demand and scheduled workshops on technical topics of value to faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences.