General Research Consultation and Special Projects

Service Description:

Allows support of research outside bounds of fixed services.


Available to all research groups within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Standard Availability:

This service may entail interactive components, which are available based on customer and consultant schedules, and background research components, which may depend on consultant’s workload, access to other ASCTech services, response of outside agents, etc.; progress will be reported regularly to the customer.

What Is Included: 

Much research support does not fit into predefined categories. This service allows maximum flexibility in facilitating research using any available resources. This also serves as an R&D function for ASCTech, illustrating needs and guiding development of new services.


There is no charge for this service. There may be a charge for parts or other services as part of a project.

How to Get It:

Use the "Request Service" button.

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