Research Environment Characterization

Service Description:

Informs RCS and thus ASCTech about research groups’ needs, acquaints research groups with ASCTech services, and enables RCS to advocate on behalf of researchers.


Available to all research groups within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Standard Availability:

This service may entail interactive components, which are available based on customer and consultant schedules, and background research components, which may depend on consultant’s workload, access to other ASCTech services, response of outside agents, etc.; progress will be reported regularly to the customer.

What Is Included: 

This service begins with an interview with the PI and possibly a tour of the research space. Out of this initial contact often comes implementation of additional services, including more tailored research consulting. Increased familiarity with the research program and continued contact with all researchers in the group enable greater responsiveness to future requests, development of new services, and better ability to advocate within ASCTech on researchers’ behalf.


No associated cost.

How to Get It:

Use the "Request Service" button.

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