Research Storage

Service Description

Provides dedicated ASC on-campus network storage for research data.


Available to all researchers in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Data Classification

The Research Storage Service is designed for S2 (Internal) and S3 (Private) data. No data can be made publicly-accessible from the Research Storage Service. S4 (Restricted) data, and the more highly restricted data types of HIPAA, PCI, CUI, and Export Controlled, are not permitted on this storage service.

A statement on data classification and disaster recovery, that has been reviewed by ASC IT Risk Management, must be recorded with each request.

Standard Availability:

Service available 24/7; requests fulfilled during normal business hours.

What Is Included

  • Allocation starts at 5TB per research group. Structured as either 2.5 TB with backup (strongly recommended) or 5 TB without backup (to be used only for scratch space).
  • Shared access can be granted to collaborators, including off-campus collaborations with guest accounts.
  • Backup of data can be purchased at additional cost. Backup retention is 30 days of daily backups.
  • Access data from multiple locations.


No cost for the first 2.5TB as part of the number one "standard storage package". Groups requesting the number four "scratch storage package", which is not backed up, may request the first 5TB at no cost.

Additional storage priced per five years at the cost listed below:

Storage cost per 5 years

Common storage packages

  1. Standard storage package - $300 per TB
    Our normal storage offering, useful for nearly all research. Includes standard-performance storage and backup.
  2. High-performance storage package - $450 per TB
    Our faster storage offering, useful for rare cases that require more performance than our standard storage package offers. Includes high-performance storage and standard performance backup.
  3. High-availability storage package - $600 per TB
    Our high-availability package means that storage services can be restored in two business days in the unlikely event where the primary storage system fails. Normal restore speeds from backup can take several days, to several weeks, depending on the number of TB to be restored. Includes high-performance storage, standard performance replica and backup.
  4. Scratch storage package - $150 per TB (no backup)
    Our scratch storage offering, used when the data can be quickly regenerated or copied from another repository, making the expense of a backup unnecessary and undesirable.. For example, Monte Carlo simulation data can be recreated as quickly as it can be restored from backup, in many cases. Another example might be working data copied from another lab, where asking for a fresh copy may be preferred to paying for additional local storage. Includes standard-performance storage only. This package has no backup. If data is lost or becomes damaged for any reason, it is unrecoverable. Scratch storage requests require a written acknowledgement as part of the request that the data is not backed up.

Custom storage pricing

Storage type Storage Storage with
Storage with
Storage with
backup and replica
Standard-performance storage $150 per TB $300 per TB Not available Not available
High-performance storage $300 per TB $450 per TB $450 per TB $600 per TB


  • After five years, storage service must be renewed or data will be provided in off-line form and purged from the storage system. Pricing upon renewal will be subject to current storage service pricing (most likely the same or lower than at present).
  • Data can be served as either NFS (Unix) or SMB (Windows), but not both at the same time.
  • If paying with research (OSP) funds it will be subject to overhead costs (F&A).

How to Get It

Use the "Request Service" button, email, or see phone/walk-in information for the different support areas on the front page. Please include the statement on data classification, reviewed by ASC IT Risk Management.

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