Multimedia Services

Due to University on campus limits and COVID-19 restrictions, some services that require in person contact will be unavailable or altered to conform to new requirements.
Please request and we will discuss any limitations.

Services (10)

Audio Recording in Studio

Recording and producing audio in the ASCTech studio.

Audio Recording on Location

Recording audio OUTSIDE the ASCTech studio.

Borrow Multimedia Equipment

Borrowing recording equipment for academic use.

Digital Signage

Request a sign or help with an existing sign


Mediasite assists with lecture capture and publishing the recording to the web.

Multimedia Services

Includes editing, format conversion, video and audio digitizing, media duplication, video and audio editing, image processing, streaming audio broadcasting, screen capture, and more.


Photo of you that is suitable to use as a professional portrait. We can also meet the specifications for a United States passport photo.

Video Recording in Studio

Recording and producing video within the ASCTech studio.

Video Recording on Location

Recording video OUTSIDE the ASCTech studio.

VR Field Trips

VR Field Trips aim to integrate Virtual Reality experiences into the curriculum in a way that will provide an immersive educational experience for students and instructors alike.