Dos and Don'ts of Online Office Hours



Announce office hours at the beginning of the course and refer to them regularly so that students know when they can meet with you


If you are willing, let students know that you can meet outside your regularly scheduled office hours (use a free scheduling program like Doodle to arrange times)

Don’t assume that students have time free at the same time as you do.

Use your OSU email to communicate with students

Don’t use email addresses that you wish to remain private, such as your Gmail address

Arrive 5 minutes early to virtual office hours to ensure that your connection works, etc.

Don’t rely on technologies to remain stable week to week.

Consider promoting multiple modes (email, video, audio, instant messaging)

Don’t rely on an older technology (email) simply because it’s your preferred communication mode.

Consider making one short visit to your virtual office hours mandatory, so students are ensured of connecting with you.

Don’t expect students to attend virtual office hours on their own. They won’t.

Review OSU’s information on CarmenZoom, a great way to connect with students via audio and video.











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