Distance Learning Courses

The Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee has partnered with Arts and Sciences Technology Services (ASCTech) to ensure that distance learning courses going through the ASC curricular review process move quickly and receive priority access to course technology support.  This page helps you get started.

Schedule an appointment with Mike Kaylor: 614-688-5907, asctech@osu.edu, or  the ASCTech help desk.

Mike Kaylor headshotMike will walk you through the ASC Course Review Rubric, which your course proposal must pass to be fast-tracked through the curricular process.  The checklist is based on the Quality Matters rubric*, and focuses on the syllabus elements, course technology and supporting student services needed to make a distance/online course successful.  The checklist applies to both new courses and existing on-campus courses being converted to distance formats.

During your consultation, Mike will share with you examples from other successful distance/online courses.  He will work with you to map out a plan for producing course content and ensuring the required technology support will be in place when you teach your course.  

In many cases, ASCTech and/or ODEE have services and resources available to help and Mike will put you in touch with the right people to make arrangements.  When custom work is needed, Mike can help point you in the right direction as well, such as the ASCTech Online Learning Instructor Support page.

*Quality Matters Rubric used here with permission.

Distance Learning Checklist showing layout


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