How Do I Connect to the ASC VPN Using Cisco and Duo?

How do I connect to the ASC VPN using Cisco and Duo?

1. From the right side of this screen under Files, download and install Cisco AnyConnect.
Note: If you are on an ASC-owned computer, you can use Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac) to download the program without needing administrator rights.

2. Once the program has been installed, open it. On a Mac, you can open it in Applications, but on Windows 10, I just searched for it in the Start Menu.

3. In the dropdown field, type - this address will be saved next time you want to connect.

4. You will be prompted for your group, username, password, and second password.
For group: Select “ASC-VPN” for access to all OSU on-campus resources. Select “ASC-VPN-TunnelAll” to be able to access off-campus resources, as well as on-campus resources as though you were on campus. The “ASC-VPN-TunnelAll” is useful for directly accessing journals from the publisher’s site, for instance.
For username: Use your name.#.
For password: Use your OSU password (used for email, Carmen,, etc.).
For second password: Your second password will be from Duo. If you use Duo on a smart device, you can either:

  • type “push” and then click OK, and confirm the push on your mobile device OR
  • go into Duo on your mobile app and request a passcode by pressing the key button

5. Click Accept on the Window that pops up.

6. Cisco will give you the green checkmark when you’re connected.

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